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Cat No: DELEC CDS / EP 049

Release Date: 29th April 1996

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  1. Waiting (phase 1) - 4:27 (S. Wilson) - lyric
  2. Waiting (phase 2) - 6:22 (S. Wilson)
  3. * The Sound of No-one Listening - 8:14 (S. Wilson)
  4. + Colourflow In Mind - 3:50 (S. Wilson)
  5. + Fuse The Sky - 4:33 (S. Wilson)

( * CD only track, + 12" only tracks)

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Waiting (phase 1)

Waiting... to be born again
Wanting the saddest kind of pain
Waiting for the day when I will crawl away

Nothing is what I feel
Waiting for the drugs to make it real
Waiting for the day when I will crawl away

Waiting to be disciplined
Aching for your nails across my skin
Waiting for the day when I will crawl away

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Porcupine Tree

  • Steven Wilson
  • Richard Barbieri
  • Colin Edwin
  • Chris Maitland

Management: Richard Allen
Photography and Montage by Jon Blackford
Graphic Design by Der Schrank.

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Deliverance June/July 1996

Summertime has arrived once again and with it comes a new Porcupine Tree release. Achingly beautiful, this three track EP is twenty minutes of sheer delight. The title track is actually in two phases, the first containing a delicate vocal and thought provoking lyric, whilst the second phase is purely instrumental, played in a now familiar style. The third and final track "The Sound of No One Listening" is again, another classic instrumental. All tunes contain fine individual contributions on guitar, bass, keyboard and drums with each member of the band allowed to really express themselves. And for the completeist, the 12" version also contains the two phases of "Waiting" but then has two totally different tunes on it.

Wondrous Stories Issue 52, April 1996

To coincide with the next national UK tour "Waiting" continues the bands climb up the success tree while still claiming to be "proud to be prog"! Three tracks with "Waiting" phases 1 and 2 supported by the brilliant "The Sound of No One Listening". Acoustic guitar to start with before moving on to more accustomed entrancing guitar and hypnotic electronics. The future continues to be rosy for PT. 5/6 Martin Hudson

Audion July 1996

Well, who could have thought of something as daft as this? Daft, what? Yes, these CD and record releases are not the same! The single itself; Waiting (phase 1) and Waiting (phase 2) is the same on both, but on the CD we have just one other track: The Sound of No-one Listening, whereas on the record there's two tracks: Colourflow In Mind and Fuse The Sky on the B Side. Told you it was daft didn't I? And, there's no indication as to whether any of this will remain original, or if in fact any of these tracks will appear on the future full album SIGNIFY. The completist fan is trapped!
Really though, it's not a problem. Why? Well Waiting (phase 1) is not such a wonderful Porcupine Tree number. It's nice and Pink Floyd-like I suppose, but the song is also much too close to the light pop of current bands like Radiohead. Not dislikeable, in fact it came across really strong when performed live in Bath, but we know Steven Wilson is capable of writing songs with much more depth and guts, whereas this is just too smooth and safe. But, I suppose that's what singles are all about, aren't they?
The rest of the CD comes across as much better, the soft groove Ozric style and gliss guitar of Waiting (phase 2), and the deeper trippy space-rock of The Sound of No-one Listening. On the record though, the B Side is less adventurous. Another light song, and an instrumental - it's like having two singles! The instrumental Fuse The Sky is a theme variation on The Sky Moves Sideways, specially for those that love his Gilmour styled slide guitar playing. So, for a double single, it's good. But I prefer my Porcupine Tree in much larger chunks. Alan Freeman

The Prisoner July 1996

Oi! Are you listening? As we say time and time again Delerium are THE label for progressive, psychedelic head-twisting sounds in this country at the moment. Porcupine Tree are a spellbinding live act. On record they weave a multicoloured web that cannot fail with its' psychedelic, curious, haunting magic which entraps your ears telepathically connecting them with an epicentre, a nerve centre deep inside Porcupine Tree's collective, humming brain. Akin perhaps to Pink Floyd, Gong, Ozrics or any of the more laid back psychedelic warlords and guaranteed to please seekers in that magic land.JR

Crohinga Well July 1996

At last,the long-awaited winter's harvest by Delerium Records, bringing us a large variety in new psychedelic sounds. Porcupine Tree needs little intro: Steven Wilson's musical brainchild is gaining more and more momentum and toured extensively in Europe. A new album, "Signify", will come out in the autumn of 1996. To whet the appetite we now get the three-track EP Waiting (19 minutes). It starts with Phase 1 of the title track, a nice piece of guitar-driven psych with the well-known melodic voice of Steve. Waiting slowly glides into Phase 2 (the next number on the record) an instrumental with intensive percussion and a large array of weird, spacey keyboards - fantastic! The third track, The Sound of No-one Listening, is a very psychedelic soundscape with Pink Floyd guitars, strange keyboards sounds and samples of AM radio broadcasts, over 8 minutes of brilliant psychedelics. The EP is available as a CD or 12".

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