Album Artwork JPEGPorcupine Tree - Signify

Cat No: DELEC CD / LP 045

Release Date: 30th September 1996

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  1. Bornlivedie - 1:42 (Wilson / Barbieri)
    • Steven Wilson - Banshee Guitar, Sampler, Tapes.
    • Richard Barbieri - Texture, System 700 Electronics, Tapes.
    • Terumi - Voices.
  2. Signify - 3:26 (Wilson)
    • Steven Wilson - Guitar, Mellotron.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums.
  3. Sleep Of No Dreaming - 5:25 (Wilson) - lyric
    • Steven Wilson - Vocals, Organ, Mellotron, Guitars.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers.
    • Colin Edwin - Electric Bass, Double Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums.
  4. Pagan - 1:34 (Wilson)
    • Steven Wilson - Samples
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers
    • Chris Maitland - Percussion
  5. Waiting (Phase One) - 4:25 (Wilson) - lyric
    • Steven Wilson - Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums, Vocal Harmonies.
  6. Waiting (Phase Two) - 6:16 (Wilson)
    • Steven Wilson - Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Sampler.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers, Piano, Prophet V/System 700 Electronics.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums, Percussion.
  7. Sever - 5:30 (Wilson) - lyric
    • Steven Wilson - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Tapes.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums, Backing Vocals.
  8. Idiot Prayer - 7:38 (Wilson / Edwin)
    • Steven Wilson - Sampler, Tapes, Guitar, Organ, Drum Programming.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers and Sequencers.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drum loop.
  9. Every Home Is Wired - 5:09 (Wilson) - lyric
    • Steven Wilson - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Tapes.
    • Richard Barbieri - Prophet V/System 700 Electronics.
    • Colin Edwin - Electric Bass, Double Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums.
  10. Intermediate Jesus - 7:29 (Wilson / Barbieri / Edwin / Maitland)
    • Steven Wilson - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Tapes, Chimes, Musical Boxes.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums.
  11. "Light Mass Prayers" - 4:29 (Maitland)
    • Chris Maitland - Voices, Keyboards, Cymbal.
    • Steven Wilson - Sampler.
  12. * The Sound of No-One Listening - 8:14 (Wilson)
    • Steven Wilson - Guitar, Keyboards, Sampler.
    • Richard Barbieri - Keyboards, System 700 Electronics.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums.
  13. Dark Matter - 8:59 (S.Wilson) - lyric
    • Steven Wilson - Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars.
    • Richard Barbieri - Synthesisers, Hammond Organ.
    • Colin Edwin - Bass.
    • Chris Maitland - Drums.

(* Extra Track on LP)

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Sleep of No Dreaming

At the age of sixteen
I grew out of hope
I regarded the cosmos
Through a circle of rope
So I thre out my plans
Ran on to the wheel
And emptied my head
Of all childish ideals
The sleep of no feeling
I married the first girl
Who wasn't a man
And smiled as the spiders
Ran all over my hands
Made a good living
By dying it's true
As the world in my TV
Leaked onto my shoes.

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Waiting (Phase One)

Waiting... to be born again
Wanting... the saddest kind of pain
Waiting for the day when I will crawl away

Nothing is what I feel
Waiting... for the drugs to make it real
Waiting... for the day when I will crawl away

Waiting... to be disciplined
Aching... for your nails across my skin
Waiting... for the day when I will crawl away

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Telepath Carbon trapped under stone
Brother mother pale body is thrown
Only way I know to have fun
Fill up my blood, my veins, my lungs

ESP city - rainy and blue
Burn down this town, I give it to you
Aero shallow, photograph blind
Stage fright, black light, coma divine

No sense of time
Sever tomorrow
Exitless mind - ESP Sever tomorrow

School out invective, losing my voice
Film shredding on in multiple choice
America calls, I must go
Oprah saviour, I feel that low

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Every Home is Wired

Modem load and failsafe
Electric teenage dust
Hit the solvent keypad
Start the neural rust

Power on the highway
Data in my head
Surfing on the network
Part of me is dead

Every Home is Wired

Swimming in the circuit
Somebody has expired
This world will be the future

Every home is wired

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Dark Matter

Inside the vehicle the cold is extreme
Smoke in my throat kicks me out of my dream
I try to relax but its warmer outside
I fail to connect, it's a tragic divide

This has become a full time career
To die young would take only 21 years
Gun down a school or blow up a car
The media circus will make you a star

Dark matter flowing out on to a tape
Is only as loud as the silence it breaks
Most things decay in a matter of days
The product is sold the memory fades

Crushed like a rose
In the river flow
I am I know.

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Produced and mixed by Steven Wilson.
Recorded at No Man's Land, Hemel Hempstead. Additional recording at The Doghouse, Henley with the assistance of Markus Butler and at Katrina & the Waves' Studio, Cambridge with the assistance of Steve Stewart.
Mastered by Chris Thorpe at Serendipity
Porcupine Tree Management by Richard Allen at Delerium.
All titles published by Hit and Run Music (Publishing) Ltd.
Art & Design by John Blackford.

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Metal Hammer

Were Porcupine Tree called something like Camel, Pendragon or even Marillion, they would be deemed unfashionable and universally reviled. Instead, their last single featured heavily in the indie charts, despite the fact that this, their fourth and rather splendid album contains lengthy instrumental progressions, low key vocals and song titles like "Pagan", and "Sleep Of No Dreaming". Plus ca change...


Beneficiaries of a modest critical hoopla, The Porcupine Tree occupy a curious musical netherworld wherein prog rock crosses swords with the scum-stained rifferama of grunge and ambient dance styles. The sepia-tinted cover art and brain-scrambled lyrics almost set The Enid alarm bells ringing, but there is enough divertingly new stuff going on to circumnavigate the more obvious cliches of pomp rockers of yore. The primal dance thump of "Idiot Prayer", the skull rattling percussive backlift and powerful space-rock of "Waiting" and the scratchy, lumpen metal of "Sever" form the hard centre of a powerful album which proves that sharing dressing rooms with the like of Marillion and Hawkwind need not be a stepping stone to self-indulgence and sterility.


Porcupine Tree have managed to break out of the underground progressive rock scene and gain critical acclaim. With their last album, "The Sky Moves Sideways" selling over 20, 000 and heavy touring and increasing presence in the music papers the stage is set for them to become very big indeed.

Porcupine Tree were formed in 1985 when it was the work of one man, Steven Wilson (who also records with Tim Bowness under the No-Man monicker). By December 1993 it had become a live unit with the addition of Colin Edwin (bass), Chris Maitland (drums and percussion) and Richard Barbieri (ex-Japan, keys).

Signify is available as either a CD or as a double vinyl album (which contains an extra track). It manages to defy catagorisation (except that it is truly progressive in the fact that they don't sound like anyone else) as it mixes ambient, hard rock, instrumental and spacey themes. There are some very strong songs such as "Waiting" (which was an indie hit single earlier in the year) and "Sever". However, there are other times when the music drifts and hangs together before drifting away.

It is a wonderful album which can only build on their previous success. You will be hearing a lot about these guys in the next few months. You have been warned.

Buzz Factory

The most accomplished work yet from this band. Subtly mesmerising and structurally flamboyant they continue to weave ambient almost rock-like music into shapeless feelings and fleeting glances of both the past before my existence and the future beyond it.


Porcupine Tree are another outfit that's really come of age with their latest release. Bornlivedie sets the die in a Hawkwind meets Art Of Noise vein followed closely by the title track Signify. Signify itself is a single cut of inspired magic that awaits in the wings for an opportunity to rise above the TOTP crass currently riding high on a sea of shit. hopefully we won't have to wait long for a re-mix single. I've seen the future and Bruce Springsteen is an old grottbag. Porcupine Tree are blowing out candles on Mick Hucknall's grave and me and a generation of post millenium kids are re-born again just in time to bring in the dawn of a new golden age.

Panic Rating: 98%

The Big Issue

Porcupine Tree, Mark Radcliffe favourites and companions of Linton Samuel Dawson, are back with more of their progressive / ambient vibes, following on from underground classics like Up The Downstair and The Sky Moves Sideways. Not following any recognised style, their stuff is more like variations on several themes, Signify being no exception.

After a fairly weak beginning it gets better and better. Waiting, the single, is pure Tree - melodic yet mental, with Steve Wilson's trademark innocent but macabre vocals. Idiot Prayer, Intermediate Jesus, and the dreamy ill temper of Dark Matter confound, with pounding basslines and Wilson's unparalleled guitar style that glides effortlessly between Dave Gilmour and Steve Hillage.

Ozric Tentacles? Ozric Schmentacles.

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