Album Artwork JPEGZuvuya - Shaman I Am

Cat No: DELEC EP 031

Release Date: 1st August 1994

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  • Eclipse Side
    1. Shaman I Am (Eclipse Mix) - 11:33 (Pickering)
    2. Black Sun Yadaki - 2:19 (Pickering)
  • Solar Side
    1. Shaman I Am (Solar Ray Mix) - 4:29 (Pickering)
    2. Shamania - 11:56 (Pickering)

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"Virtual Reality can never surpass 5 grammes of psilocybe in silent darkness"

Meme Generation: Terence McKenna
Feminie Sway: Sonia Aurora Madan
Another Green World Textures: Paul Chousmer
Programming & Didgeridoo: Mojo Love

Another Mojo Love Production by
Phil Pickering for the Zuvuya
Music Published by M.E.L.T Music / Westbury Music 1994.
Terence's words published by Flow Sound Music 1992.

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The Times

NOT many musicians can claim to have collaborated with an ethnobotanist but when they do, it is bound to be Terence McKenna, author of the recently published True Hallucinations. The squelching dance track synchronises perfectly with McKenna's delirious discourses on evolution and Shamanism. Certain to be a favourite at summer festivals and add fuel to the recent American discovery of the UK zippie: the hippy who loves technology.


He's a clever one that Terence McKenna. Here we are, speeding towards 2000 AD Judgement Day, plagued by uncertainties, crippled with doubts and lo! up pops a benevolent saviour to tell us it'll all be OK as long as we listen very carefully to what he says. So, Tel, how do you do it? "Well, by necking a lot of 'natural' hallucinogens (mushrooms, cacti, DMT, etc.), writing a few books about how it opened up my 'Third Eye' and talking to few addled ambient studio buffs into letting me hold forth over their wistful, Zen-like compositions!" In other words, Terence is talking bollocks again.


The zippie guru meets the global techno force Zuvuya head on with insane babbling and bizarre beats with the inevitable conclusion. An excerpt from their joint LP on San Francisco's Space Time label, this is probably best summed up in the press release as "prehistory alive inside a digital vortex of anthropological speculation". Quite.

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