Album Artwork JPEGZuvuya - Shamania

Cat No: DELEC CD 021

Release Date: 12th September 1994

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  1. Shaman I Am (Solar Ray Mix) - 4:29 (Pickering)
  2. FX Return - 7:40 (Chousmer / Pickering)
  3. Black Sun Yadaki - 2:19 (Pickering)
  4. Shaman I Am (Eclipse Mix) - 11:33 (Pickering)
  5. The Whisper In Trees - 8:28 (Pickering)
  6. Into The Future - 10:20 (Chousmer / Pickering)
  7. Shamania - 11:56 (Pickering)

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Meme Generation: Terence McKenna
Feminine Sway: Sonia Aurora Madan
Another Green World Textures: Paul Chousmer
Over-tone Chanting: Jim Vane (Freedom Time Space)
Programming & Diderido: Mojo Love
Another Mojo Love Production by Phil Pickering For The Zuvuya

Music Published by M.E.L.T. Music / Westbury Music 1994
Terence's Words Published by Evolution / Flowsound Music 1992.

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Those among the readers who are wondering about the origins of this English tribe are invited to see the beautiful article by Alberto Stanzani, published in issue 164 of this magazine under the headline "Zuvuya and the Power Gamme". Here we only want to remind that Zuvuya is an emanation of disbanded Webcore, having two EPs, the "History Ends" tape and the "Dream Matrix Telemetry" album previously released, and that the basis of this project is a strong feeling of rebellion against the sociological - cultural - spiritual degradation and aberration of our present day planetary condition. According to T. McKenna, who offered his vocal contribution in a couple of episodes, the solution to the modern disease is the soul-freeing therapy carried out by means of the certain hallucinating practices, a matter we'd like to discuss more deeply. While less adventurous and intriguing if compared to the debut album, "Shamania" confirms Zuvuya (who have already another albun announced by the end of the year, to be issued with the title "Quadruped" on Planet Dog) in their role of Wizards or the Hearing, immersed among the alembics of a technological positivistic era) the natural sense of things. It's the primeval rite of Fire and Choral Dance, made by physical and metaphysical symbols, talking to nature and to the stars of Universe, that the authors (in the wake of their first singlle "Grabbing Nandi...") are trying to recreate in Shamania, the cosmic, cyclic order of motion and rhythm transmitted by the primordial Gods to the soul of Dervishes invoking them to conquer back the lost harmony between Heaven and Earth. A spiral made of seven coils (one for each track of this record) drives our mind to distant places in space and time while the percussive waves of "Shamman I Am" (also published as a single), "FX Return", "Black Sun...", "The Whisper..." as well as the title track have their mantric, hypnotic course. A few more words of distinction have to be said about "Into The Future" a liquid painted electronic tale where the Spirit of Yogi devotes himself to a form of mystic psychedelic ascension destined to penetrate the mysteries of Cosmos. (Aldo Chimrnti)

Rock 'n' Real

Whereas Zuvuya's first effort with Terence McKenna dwelled in the world of drifting ambience and psych-textures. "Shamania" manages to encompass many worlds of sounds (and a couple of dimensions too!) to produce something that manages to almost touch base in the various camps of dance, ambience, and ethnic sounds, including an effective use of tribal chants and didj but never settles permanently anywhere. Like some soundtrack for deep space travel, Zuvuya are distinctly far out and gone (to a weird planet).


A nifty addition to the musical section marked New age Psychobabble meets Prog-House. Over suitably relaxing bpm's, McKenna recites his West Coast schtick while flying dolphins circle overhead. Ideal for anyone who uses a flotation tank. Or lives in one.

Buzz Factory

Whether you like to skirt the outer rim of your mind or just sail straight over the edge, this album should be the perfect soundtrack. From the almost aboriginal begining of "Black Sun Yadaki" to the luminescent "Shamania" you could be forgiven for thinking in colours and smelling sounds. If you didn't have an open mind when you came in you may lose it half way through. File under "Ambient Dance Mindfuck".


Tweaked and squeaked, Zuvuya return with yet more blips, bubbles, twinkles and chants. Once more their audio escapades feature the elf-king of hyper space, artful anthropologist and grooving guru, Terence McKenna. This time the rhythms shift up a gear, the tones tremble and fluctuate and the tempo locks into track over-ride. Tracks titles such as "Shaman-I-Am" or "Shamania" betray the fact that this is yet another artefact which serves to present a rambling hypotheses of conceptual mapping between 'the slow conquest of dimensions' and 'the upward turn of the spiral'.
Technically, it's an adequate extrapolation, bounding around a musical amalgamation of tiny chimes and reedy drones. Objectively, at the core McKenna's drone is simply retracing the same pathway as the earlier, and much more interesting exploration of Amazonian sound-scapes, "Dream Matrix Telemetry". "Language is the edge of the envelope of reality", he informs us, and "The Shaman is the language maker". The unfortunate danger of course is that some misguided student of psychedelic theory might believe these agile and ardent mind bombs are in fact the apex of techno-shamanic culture. Think again 6/10. (Desmond K. Hill)

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