Album Artwork JPEGTerence McKenna with Zuvuya - Dream Matrix Telemetry

Cat No: DELEC CD 2012

Release Date: 1st December 1993

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  1. Dream Matrix Telemetry - 53:51 - words

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Dream Matrix Telemetry

D.M.T. is an extraordinary hallucinogen that lasts
only a few hundred seconds at the peak of the flash.
It is something which is smoked.
Something waxy.
Smelling of camphor.
You vapourise it in a small glass pipe.
Something which is smoked.
Behind closed eyelids, a kind of hallucination forms.
A chrysanthemum - a swirling floral pattern.
Overlayed patterns of colours.
You watch the chrysanthemum
and if you've taken enough D.M.T.,
after about fifteen seconds,
you are physically propelled through it.
Into a kind of tunnel-like space.
You seem to be catapulting forward
through some kind of labyrinth-like,
tubular, unfolding, coloured, fluctuating space.

And after a few secnds of this, it is as though you arrive.
The trip stabilises itself around you.
At that point you are in a kind of domed,
indirectly lit, comfortable, underground space.
But, what is astonishing about this space,
is that it is inhabited, it is crowded.
Jewelled, self-dribbling basketballs that bound forward.
Chirping fractal denizens of the unconscious.
They surround you, singing in a visible language
and they use that language to produce objects.
Sculptured, jewelled machines.
Things made of precious stones and metal.
Agate, Topaz, Chalcedony.
All kinds of precious materials.
But not stable.
Transforming themselves.
Matter somehow involved with the spirit of language
and imagination.
And these elf-like, gnome-like artisans crowd forward,
each offering their own creation for your inspection.
Follow these entities,
these hyper-objectified linguistic objects.
It's terribly important that you learn to do this.
They are the initiators of the human species into a new
ontos of language, where meaning is beheld.
Use your voice.
It lasts a few hundred seconds.
Meaning is beheld.
The presence of these entities on the otherside
of this pharmacological energy barrier raises a
number of questions.
Are they true beings?
True Aliens from another star system,
gently approaching us?
Are they true Aliens?
Hiding behind the mask on an intoxication?
Perfect interfacing of dimensions?
I prefer to think, however, that we are encountering on
ecology of souls.
Shaman, I am.
Shaman, I am.
D.M.T. is all of these things.
It is like a hyper-cosmic carnival in your mind.
The boy in the bottle, the goat-faced girl.
I somehow shattered the membrane
between myself and ordinary space.
I carried the trip into the room with me.
Very rapid transmission of data.
It only lasts a few hundred seconds
You awaken from a dream.

I can see it clearly,
after a time I think it sticks with you.
The details.
Some quality of seeing and understanding.
A dimension has been added to ordinary perception.
And you will have the complete experience in the dream.
It's in the body.
You can do this on the natch, it is not far away.
Outrageous possibilities lie immediately to hand
and are virtually only a toke away.

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In conjunction with ambient psychonauts Zuvuya,
ethnobotanist, psychedelic philosopher and Techno-Shaman
Terence McKenna provides a unique insight into the D.M.T. experience.

Turn out the lights, turn on the hi-fi and enter
this extra-ordinary dimension, this Dream Matrix,
which lies just beyond the dull web of ordinary

ZUVUYA is the Mayan word for "The Big Memory Circuit". It is also the name adopted by four musicians who have been active in the UK psychedelic scene from the early 80s to the present day.

Phil Pickering, Mick West and Paul Chousmer were the nucleus of Webcore, a band that were frequently described as being ahead of their time and who released several cassettes, two albums and two 12" singles on Jungle between 1983 and 1990.

Regulars at Club Dog and often sharing the bill at venuues and free festivals with Ozric Tentacles, The Magic Mushroom Band and Mandragora, they utilised the latest technology to create weird, organic, tribal music that had a deeply pagan philosophical undercurrent.

Paul has also been fuelling his ambient project Another Green World, a unit that often played at Alice in Wonderland events in the early 80s and combined the talent of sax player Dan Carpenter (Webcore / Thunderdogs / Spannerman) with Paul's unearthly synthesised sound sculptures.

Phil and JuJu worked with the didgeridoo and percussion dominated Lights In A Fat City and later Tribal Drift, before joining with Paul and Mick in Zuvuya.

Zuvuya is a continuation of the spirit and earthy organic, trance dance of the band members previous products, and is a dedication to the lifeforce of our planet and the "further" evolution of humanity.

Terence McKenna's Books In Print & Press

  • Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Growers Guide
    (with Dennis McKenna), And/Or Press, 1976. Currently in print in a 1990 edition from Berkeley Quick Trade. ISBN 0-932551-06-8.
  • Food Of The Goods
    Bantam Books, New York. Published in 92. Currently in print. ISBN 0-553-07868-2. Also published in the UK by Random Century, London. ISBN 0-7126-5445-3.
  • The Archaic Revival
    Harper, San Francisco. Published in '92. Currently in print. ISBN 0-06-250613-7.
  • Trialogues at the Edge of the West
    (with Ralph Abraham and Rupert Sheldrake), Bear & Co. Albuquerque. Published in '92. Currently in print. ISBN 0-939680-97-1. A German translation has been brought out by Scherz Verlag, titled "Denken am Rande des Undenkbaren". It is also currently in print.
  • Synesthesia
    (with Tim Ely), Granary Books, New York. Published in '92 as a limited edition of 75 copies.
  • True Hallucinations
    Harper, San Francisco. Published in '93. Currently in print. ISBN 0-06-250545-9.
  • Invisible Landscape
    (with Dennis McKenna), Harper, San Francisco. A revised and xpanded edition of the out of print 1975 title. Publication date April 15th, '94.

For more information on Terence McKenna, read his interview in Freakbeat No. 8.

Music composed by Paul Chousmer and Phil Pickering.
Words by Terence McKenna.
Arranged by Paul Chousmer, JuJu Midget and Phil Pickering.
Naga Synths - Joie Eat Static
Ullulating - Jane Cheap Suit Oroonie.
Yulunga didge - JuJu Midget Zuvuya.
Another Mojo Love production by Phil Pickering.
Samples and Textures - Mojo Love.
Keyboards from Another Green World - Paul Chousmer.
Dialogue - T.M.

Front Cover Art & Mayan Zuvuya logo - Pete Loveday.
Exploding Mushroom Art - Finn McKenna.
Other art - supplied by Phil Pickering.
Photograph pf T.M. by Grant Gilbert.

Words © Flow Sound Music 1993.
Music © Westbury Music / Emerald Planet Music / M.E.L.T. Music 1993.

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WITH OR without drugs, this is a fantastic ride. Just as the acidheads of '67 had their ultimate trip tape produced by Timothy Leary riffing around The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, so the '90s have this wibbling road map of the psyche from the current king of the heads, Terence McKenna.

Only this one's a DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) - fuelled take-off; whil Tel reckons is the best hit "this side of the yawning grave". It may not last so long, but as the voyager explains, the discovery of the beasts that lie beyond the pale ("jewelled, self-dribbling basketballs that bound forward, chirping fractals of the unconscious..."), is worth the admission price.

If you heard Terence on the last Shamen LP you'll know he has a class speaking voice; a mixture of Vincent Price and Spock, while Club Dog regulars Zuvuya underline his outrageous ravings with stereo-panning whooshings, techno-epiphanies and delicate rain forst effects - somewhere between Loop Guru and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The wildest. (7) (Stuart Bailie)


It's an idea that's been tried before, but rarely has it worked, but this psychedelic invocation combining text and music is quite entrancing and even engrossing. Terence McKenna is a much lauded psychedelic philosopher in the spirit of Timothy Leary, but more of a individualist than a crusader. Zuvuya, so I'm lead to believe, are associates/members of techno / house acts like Webcore and Tribal Drift, but here the music they produce is far from dance, more trance dreamstate synth in the vein of Stephen Russell, or even Tim Blake at his most esoteric. Put together with the texts (both pure and treated), the results add up to a unique timeless experience. (Alan Freeman)

Music Week

The psychedelic sage, suitably accompanied by slowly drifting ambient dressing, is fine, tuned-in mood on this collaborative project. Both the box-bedroom listener and the more dance-conscious Megadog fan will tune in to its release.

Duprees Diamond News

McKenna, the philosopher/explorer, is joined by Zuvuya (that's Mayan for "the big memory circuit"), a European ambient space band, for a deep space musical voyage. This European import CD is a lights-out, headphones-on vision quest accessory, if you know what we mean. as Terence verbally conveys the essence of a DMT experience, the musicians take you on a rather spacey voyage to who-knows-where and back. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of psychedelic music emanating from Europe, but more on that in future releases.


Fast becoming a 90's guru, McKenna gets to expand his thesis on a full-length CD. ON Dream Matrix Telemetry, the Californian shaman/botanist/ecologist/poet takes us on a 54 minute trip through his favourite hallucinogen, DMT, assisted by ambient merchants Zuvuya. A guided psychedelic visualisation, this is definitely one for those magic mushroom nights; otherwise, the primal swamp effects get tedious.


DMT is a short acting but hyper-intense hallucinogen. Long used in Amazonian shamanistic practice, where it originates in plants, it is closely related to chemicals produced within the human brain, and is now the latest in a series of exotic temptations fuelling the domestic darkness of post-clubbing after hours. Fumes from orange powered mothballs ($200 a gram) are inhaled through a glass pipe. Two or three hits propel you into an extreme perceptual alteration. A remote hallucinogen. An eight minute hejira through hyper space. There is one bothersome side effect - total physical collapse. As you body falls lifeless, your mind catapults through a violent head rush into a labyrinthine, unfolding, fluctuating space inhabited by the sculptured jewelled machines made by elf-like critters.

"The presence of these entities on the other side of this pharmacological energy barrier raises a number of questions. Are they true beings? True aliens from another star system, gently approaching us, hiding behind the mask of intoxication?"

Ardent psychonaught Terrence McKenna, author of "True Hallucinations", believes this parading cosmic carnival of DMT introspection, an experience of complete alienation, may be used as an "epistemological tool" to understand the world.

Primal percussionists Zuvuya have channelled McKenna's nasal drone via their computers, mapped beyond the dull web of ordinary reality, and designed a narrated DMT simulation. This is no mind bomb nor psychedelic sunrise. An information hallucination? A programmed trip? Betwixt the contemporary realm of hyper space and the practicalities of making a buck, there are a great many hucksters and charlatans, all armed with snake oil cure-alls. Choose wisely.

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