Pick & Mix - Delec CD 023

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Bargain price double CD sampler with tracks by: Moom, Aardvarks, Suicidal Flowers, Kava Kava. The Steppes, Sons Of Selina, Nick Riff, Nova Express, Treatment, Kryptasthesie, Omnia Opera, Nukli, Mandragora, Porcupine Tree, Dead Flowers, Psychomuzak, Liberation Thru' Hearing, Zuvuya, Electric Orange, Saddar Bazaar, Praise Space Electric, Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika, The Incredible Expanding Mind f**k.
NB: Includes exclusive Porcupine Tree, Electric Orange and Zuvuya tracks!!

Fun With Mushrooms - Delec CD 009 / Delec LP 009

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Another fine crop with tracks by: Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika, Saddar Bazaar, Praise Space Electric, 14th Wray, Harrold Juana, Dead Flowers, Tangle Edge, Watch Children, The Inn, Omnia Opera, Dean Carter, Wobble Jaggle Jiggle & Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band. CD has bonus tracks by: Cosmic Kangaroos, Reefus Moons, Marshmallow Overcoat, Dr. Brown, Jasmine Love Bomb.

Psychedelic Psauna - Delec CD 005 / Delec LP 005

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Superb CD compilation of contemporary psych in all it's wonders. Including tracks by Ozric Tentacles, Magic Mushroom Band, Treatment, Bevis Frond, Mandragora, Porcupine Tree, Sundial, Nick Riff, Trodds, Petals, Gothics, Alice's Orb, Poisoned Electric Head, Tyrnaround, John Fallon, Colored Plank & Dimentia 13.


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No Compromize - Delec CD 055

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Delerium are proud to release this double CD compilation in aid of the Campaign for Free Education, a non political organisation campaigning for the right of all students to have equal education opportunities, the foundation of which is Free Education. The compilation features: Suede, Senser, Dreadzone, Northern Uproar, Zion Train, Kava Kava, Mother Earth, Marion, Transglobal Underground, Intastella, Fundamental, Eat Static, Unknown Society, Cud, X-Cnn, The Wedding Present, New Model Army, Nine Invisibles, Sanjuman, Utah Saints, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Banco De Gaia, Chumbawamba, Loop Guru, Ukrainians, The Aardvarks, Autechre, Moonflowers, MC. Jabber, Mr. Methane.All profits from the CD go to the Campaign. For more information, check out the Campaign For Free Education site.

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