Album Artwork JPEGTreatment - Cipher Caput

Cat No: DELEC CD/LP 026

Release Date: 29th November 1993

This album is a U.H.J. encoded Ambisonic Recording.

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  1. Hidden Attack - 5:07 (Treatment) - lyric
  2. The Boing Song - 2:22 (Treatment) - lyric
  3. Risky - 4:32 (Treatment) - lyric
  4. Dissolving - 6:35 (Treatment) - lyric
  5. Designer - 3:45 (Treatment) - lyric
  6. * Cigarettes And Starling - 3:57 (Treatment)
  7. Doubt - 4:54 (Treatment) - lyric
  8. A Better Future For Britain - 5:32 (Treatment)
  9. The Big I Am - 0:56 (Treatment) - lyric
  10. Decay - 5:12 (Treatment) - lyric
  11. Damage - 3:04 (Treatment) - lyric
  12. Holding On - 2:35 (Treatment) - lyric

( * Extra Track on CD)

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Hidden Attack

Time spins... A web of light... The magic hour of dawn
More spaced-out garbage from another pawn.
Thoughts dressed in sound, walk disguised as words
Trains of thought tracing lines down a tunnel of one-way time
The hidden attack. The helpless herd.

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The Boing Song

The sun is sinking low, the sky turns red and the clouds are purple.
Stand and stare, breathe the air, yeah it's stil all there.
The wasted years and flowing tears can't wash away
The truth, the love, the beauty, here now every day.

It's times like this... it's so good to be alive

I'm not going to worry anymore about the things I've done,
It doesn't matter if you don't understand, you're not the only one.
If who I sleep with's who I love, what can be wrong?
We can kiss, hold hands, we even know we love each other, and there's nothing so strong

It's times like this, it's so good to be alive.

I'm happy when I'm by myself because I know I'm not alone.
My friends are always with me and everywhere's my home.
Out walking on the hilltops or playing my trombone
I can feel love is growing stronger and truth will be known.

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Trying so hard, so squeaky-clean hard
Always treading water, struggling impotently - gloriously
He spends all his time where I'd rather be
Dancing with the angels, who secretly admire me.
Why take chances why take the risk?
Just sit and gloat with crocodile tears
Just sit and gloat with crocodile tears
And toothy grins all around you.
Falling from grace never dulled my shining
I've found my calling - what a Godsend!
He spends all his time where I want to be
Dancing with the angels, who secretly adore me

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I feel my mind dissolving around
These situations confound
A million perforations surround
What I know, what I've found
I feel my mind dissolving away
That night forever, yesterday
I'm locked inside a glowing purple stain
Those frozen passions
All that remain

Whoever you are, whatever you were
It all means less than nothing to her
Turning her emotions round, so nothing is right
Take a ray of kindness and pretend it's a light
I feel my mind dissolving

I thought it would be easy just to say
What I feel, the only way
But I see I'm getting broken down
These situations just confound.

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Designer, design me a head
With all-purpose functions
To receive what it's fed
My feelings are getting way out of hand
Dissolve them for me, your wish is my command

Designer, re-designing my life
With your perfect vision paycheck carving knife
I yearn to be clever like you
Won't you show me what I have to do?

Designer, you were right all along
Your money; your prestige; all go to show me I'm wrong
Computer baby, won't you hear my plea?
Won't you come and get re-programmed with me?

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Do you trust my motives? Do you doubt your worth?
You doubt the future? You doubt the earth?
You doubt there's a heaven, or a hell, or rebirth?

So you look and you listen, you wait for a sign
You don't see, you don't hear, then you run out of time
And you never decide, because it's never today
And the life you're not living, it's rotting away
there's no doubt.

So you doubt the living and you doubt the dead,
And you doubt your heart and you doubt your head
And you can't decide, but you won't be lead
You've come so far and it seems such a shame
But maybe you can't get there and you're not to blame
You may have had a chance, it's a shame that you blew it
But that's the way it is with you, you never bloody do it!
there's no doubt.

Is there still doubt in your mind?

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The Big I Am

Well I'm the big I am and I'm talkin' to you, yes I am
Well I'm the big I am and you know I'm a man, yes I am
Well I'm the big I am and I've never heard of Victor Kayam.

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Some things are just understood, you're tripping lightly on that wire
It's no crime, but you doubt it
Don't say you can't live without it
No matter where you get to in the end...
Smile - you're slipping.
It's no crime, but then you hide it
Then say you can't live without it
Some things are just understood
You can fight another day...
Run run run away... Run run run away
We need myths, we need toys, we take drugs like religion.
Don't think I misunderstand you
Where do you think I''ve been?
But I'm feeling my age
Counting every day, til I can demonstrate my rage again...
Run run run away... Run run run away
We want love we want more,
Don't think it over, just take the world.

...Distinctly ...Diseased and Dangerous...

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I never mention your name
I see your face all the same
Your whole expression is pain
How can you do this again?
I don't know what you've become
I don't know what you've become

You get another surprise
When you open your eyes
Buried alive
Just another disguise
I don't know what you've become
I don't know what you've become
Now the damage is done

And it isn't a dream
When you're stuck at thirteen

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Holding On

I'm holding on...
All the time hanging on slipping away
Empty and lonely, I wait for the day
Too scared to let go. Afraid to let it show.
Afraid to let it grow

Holding on - holding fast
Holding on - slipping past
Life doesn't work and there's nothing to do
Feel like I'm breaking, can I hold on to you?

Too frightened to let go. Scared to let you know.
Afraid to let it grow

Holding on - but I've lost the ball
Holding on - is there anywhere left to fall?

Silent and stupid, I'm nothing, I'm small
I wish that I didn't matter at all

Too frightened to see. Too scared to let it be.
Afraid to turn the key
I'm holding on.

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Special guest - Karen Worth: Vocals on "Decay".

All words and music by Treatment except "Decay", where lyrics were co-written by Karen Worthand published by Delerium Music.
Produced By:- Matt Saunders and Treatment
Recorded at Survival by Matt Saunders.

Special Thanks to: Audio and Design, Mike Silverstone and The Royal College of Music.
Also: Bruce and Ann Saunders for their immeasurable patience and countless delicious meals 'on the run' over the months.
And: Bob, Jonny and Michael for their past / present encouragement, practical help, even artistic influences: WOOF! WOOF!!

Front Cover / Insert Photographs: Gordon Leach
Back Cover Montage: Henk Huffener - Who also deserves our eternal thanks for the energy and magic we found lying long ago in Atlantis, Bruton - Thanks to his accomodation then. Anything is possible now...

Last but not least, thanks to: Daphne and Ronald Leach, Catherine, Pauline Macauley, Glen Cahalin - (One of the Perverts from the Basement), Francis, Fish, Rita and Sid, Shackleton, Richard Allen and all the admirably patient investors and punters.

Dedicated to small Paul...

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Crohinga Well

Talking about "ghosts from the past": Treatment (along with The Oroonies) is one of the oldest British psychedelic bands still in existence. They were formed in Colchester in 1979, out of the remains of a few weird and deranged local groups like Captain Comedown And The Bum Trippers and Psycho Hamster And The Killer Doughnut. In the years to follow, Treatment became somewhat of a legend in and around London. They played the alternative club-scene and some free festivals, including Stonehenge. Their live gigs were really outrageous events: the band wore strange outfits, painted their faces and pumped out very special sounds wiyh the energy of a punk group.
A few cassettes (mainly live material) and two singles were released in the early eighties. Later on, Treatment became virtually defunct because various members were involved in their own liitle projects. Around 1989 they got their act back together again and recorded the LP "Treatment" (released on Number Records). This powerful and twisted album drew the attention of Richard Allen, who offered them a recording deal on Delerium. The first result of this now lies on one of my turntables: "Cipher Caput", their second LP. Let's give it a spin.
Nothing of the old madness and twisted ideas was lost over the years, although it sounds as if they've learned to control all their unbridled energy better. "Cipher Caput" is a collection of eleven tracks (twelve on the CD) that offer you entrance into a really weird, sometimes even paranoid, universe. Treatment's music is too peculiar to pigeonhole, too creative: there's flashes of the old Pink Floyd, a lot of Kingdom Come bizarreness, bits of Alternative TV and White Noise... Together, all of this forms a uniquely psychedelic, slightly unsettling aura, in which the individual members of Treatment move around like ghost from another reality.
This is a very strong "head" album, a real trip into the dark, unknown corners of the human mind. One of the best psychedelic releases of 1993.
Very highly recommended... to those who dare!

Ptolemaic Terrascope

Naughtily omitted from last issue's reviews columns, we present Treatment and their long, long awaited first studio album proper. Treatment have been doing their thing for at least a decade now, making their first psycherprogic squeals with the young Ozrics and pre-pubescent Magic Mushrooms, but since then have trodden a rather less prominent pathway. Delerium have always championed the cause though, and we now have recorded evidence of their enthusiasm. So, has it been worth the wait? Well, the set opens with a suitable organ-based slice of weirdness called "Hidden Attack" replete with strange voices and echoes. Then it's into "The Boing Song", which so far as I can tell is a misguided attempt at wacky humour - kinda Arthur Brown doing C&W with a plunky guitar accompaniment. I wouldn't have put this so high up the running order, because at track 2 it really gives the wrong impression. "Risky" is more like it - rocking space music sliding gracefully into "Dissolving", which for me is the track of the album. A good song, nice chords, tasty understated guitar, cosmic organ - I wish the whole album sounded like this. It does last six and a half minutes though. That's not to say the rest of the album isn't any good, "Cigarettes and Staring" is a nice space / jazz instrumental, "The Big I Am" is a short burst of silliness that sounds like The Trashmen on acid, "Damage" has a welcome hint of garage punk and a nice riff at the end of each verse - so, yes. Not quite a corker (to these ears too many filler tracks of spacey waffle with overlaid talking) but well worth investigating. Besides which, Delerium is a label run by true music fans and deserves your support.
Incidentally, Record Collector recently reviewed "Cipher Caput" and compared it very unfavourably with Sundial's "Return Journey". For any of you who actually take any notice of Record Collector reviews - that is complete rubbish. The two items are completely different. You just can't do it. Both Sundial AND Treatment are worth snapping up, and in fact complement each other very nicely. (Nick Saloman)


A new band on the British neo-psychedelic/progressive scene, Treatment blend the influences of the day (Ozric Tentacles, Sun Dial) with scores of references to the old-timers (Hawkwind, Pink Floyd) to yield a scorching, whirling blur of an album. Underscored with a variable, early 80's punk energy, Treatment dazzle the stereo field with zipping guitars, alternating tempos and enough dreamy arrangements to send even the most die-hard resistors of these sounds agonising over their air-guitars in frenzied ecstasy. Some might be unmoved by the more overt pop-leanings the band relishes, but if one can imagine a neutral turf the Ramones and Guru Guru might share, then Treatment is the only necessary remedy. (Darren Bergstein)


Another hybrid space-rock band, but more original than most, with a blending of punky Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles, plus good doses of Steve Hillage and all sorts of other borrowed tit-bits from the early 70's. Treatment can kick up a storm and contrastingly trip in the ether, yet the continuity of the album is a bit haphazard and not that well thought out. That's no big criticism really, as after ten or so albums Magic Mushroom Band still haven't got the knack, and already Treatment are much more talented and original. Drop the punk edge, and do more space-tripping chaps, and you could come up with a winner. (Alan Freeman)


The almost legendary great lost London psychedelic band from the 80's finally get a studio album out. Those of you already familiar with Treatment will be pleased to know that they've captured the sound on vinyl far better than their last, live album did. Treatment add their own slant to the Hawkwind/Magic Mushroom Band/Ozrics psyche sound, far more song-based than the Ozrics and probably a lot more experimental than the Magic Mushroom Band, healthy hints of classic bands such as Arthur Brown, Soft Machine, early Pink Floyd and Gong as well as a certain punky Damned/Pink Fairies element. Veterans of the early days of Alice In Wonderland (and those mystery trips), the Dead Dog Club (which evolved into Club Dog) and Stonehenge (when it actually was a festival), Treatment grew up alongside the embryonic Ozric Tentacles and highly influential Webcore and then somehow got lost. This is classic modern psychedelia with a tinge of anarchy, based around freaky experimental sounds and powerful forward-moving songs. As good as anything Hawkwind have done in the last ten years. Check it out.


I guess this is what is known as a mixed bag. Treatment have in "Cypher Caput" a collection of so many different styles in their songs, so varied that it's hard to tell exactly where on earth, or indeed space, they're coming from.
"Hidden Attack" keeps up a steady rhythm laced with guitars and wailing noises. "Tarl Boring Song" is a sort of - well boingy kinda track, with the lyrics being reeled off like lines in a film. "Risky" is Helios Creed without the effects. "Dissolving" is the first track on the album to have the lyrics actually sung, coupled with guitars and Ozric Tentacles type noises. "Doubt" is driven by a repeating bass-line splattered with weird sound effects, which spiral off in abundance in "The Big I Am", which leans heavily on a speedy blues progression. Definitely an acquired taste. 6.5/10 (Scum Pup).

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